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Happy 50th Independence Anniversary to All Nigerians
October 1, 2010

Many people are of the opinion that we got nothing to celebrate about. Well, while that may be true, I think we still have one or two things to give glory to the almighty God for. That Nigeria is still in one piece means a lot to me, irrespective of what opinions others might have on this. That our democracy is still intact shows that there is still some sort of hope for us as a nation.

While we celebrate, let’s not forget the 15 kids that were kidnapped. We pray to God for their safe return.

Happy 50th anniversary to all Nigerians wherever you are, and I hope you show love to somebody today.


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Many people are of the opinion that we got nothing...

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There are 18 comments

  • uyi idehen says:

    just hope that fings will chage for tje better in this county…happy birthday naija…..

    • David Osajie says:

      Things will definitely change for good, you can be rest assured about that. These are just trying times which every nation on it’s way to development faces. Although I believe ours is taking way too long. But we’ll get there, we just have to stick together.

  • John Obiora says:

    Happy birthday to Nigeria, for the fact that we are alive to witness this historic day, its enough to thank God & to celebrate this day!

  • Nicholas U. says:

    Thanks Dave, I wish you and every other Nigerian a happy independence. Though we’ve got a long way to go as a nation, I must say optimistically that we’ve got lots to celebrate too. No hurricanes, earthquakes & many other natural inferno which many countries are suffering today. Our betterment is entrusted in our own hands, so it ‘s got to start with you and me to have the envisaged NIGERIA of our dreams.

  • Tomi Ogunlende says:

    I thank God that Nigeria is not divided, even though we have become a capitalist country where you have little social welfare. I want to see a Nigeria where our hopes and aspiration of education as a legacy, equitable distribution of income and reduction of poverty and is achieved. Thank you.

  • rev samsonmaina says:

    I wish you and every other Nigerian a happy independence

  • mohd haruna says:

    Hello david,wishing u and every infopreneur as well as all nigerian happy 50 birthday.thanks for ur thoughtfull and valuable contribution to netpreneur in nigeria.
    mohd haruna.

  • Ajayi Awogbayila says:

    I wish all Nigerians Happy birthday for being together as a country, Nigeria. But I wish to add that ‘ i also wish all Nigerians 50 wasted years. Let us take a look at Ghana!.

  • olushola says:

    i really wish Nigerians a happy birthday for atleast being together. i want to advise the youth of this nation just not to sit back and always complain, but to have a positively mind toward change in every thing we do for us to have a better Nigeria.
    let’s do all we can to ravage the situation that the last generation of our father puts us in and create a better country for all of us.
    always remember God & not to be SELFISH.

  • Happy 50th independence anniversary to all Nigerians. Nigeria is a great Nation to be. In her 50 years as an independent nation, Nigeria has achieved a lot. Needless to count. After all, greater percentage of Nigerians now know and worship the true God than in 1960.
    Thank you, Dave.

  • hello Mr. David, it’s really a blessing for all of us that this day meet in peace all glory to the almighty God. And well done for the great job u r doing

  • Thanks Dav. for your creativity and always new innovations.
    I may have come so late behind with my comment, its better
    than none atall .I know that our nation Nigeria is a great Nation
    looking at her from God,s angle. Let us expect the best from our
    country, if our leaders fears God and live a righteous life. Happy birthday to all of us and to you in particular who came you with this medium of expression . Tom ife momodu

  • I Thanks God Nigeria Still in Peace, 2moro is democracy day, I wish Nigeria a Peaceful celebration.
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