Netfirms Has Been Sold

I don’t know folks, but when a company gets acquired by a bigger one all hell breaks loose. I just hope this isn’t the case as I’ve been with Netfirms for years now, and seriously would like to continue with them.

Just got an email this morning with the following, you can just read it here already.

I only use Netfirms for domain management, tried their host sometime ago but wasn’t satisfied, it was horrible. I’ve continued to use Netfirms for domain management because of their platform (I love their proprietary management panel), setup of any sort is a breeze, dns management is so cool and makes it look like a child’s play, and their overall customer service is very responsive and helpful.

I just hope this continues with Endurance group or whatever.

If you use Netfirms, be sure to be on the look out during this their “transition period” as they termed it to avoid service disruption.