US Address Options For Nigerian Clickbank Affiliate Marketers

The sooner Clickbank realizes that most of their income come from legitimate and hardworking Nigerians, the better for all of us. That said, if you’re struggling with Graphcard’s US address system and their lousy customer support, then I’d recommend you try these other USA address options. But you must be earning first with your affiliate programs to avoid unnecessary waste of money.

1. Myus
This company offers a good mail forwarding service, they accept Nigerians and ship to Nigeria. They give you a real US address that’s solely yours. There are 3 subscription plans you can choose from, browse through and select one that’s most convenient for you. I’d recommend the premium + mail plan.

2. Bongous
They give you a personal US address that you can use for your Clickbank registration. All your checks go directly to your personal US address which will be forwarded to you in Nigeria. They have two plans, pay per use and monthly subscription plan. Sign up fee for the pay per use is $5 and their monthly subscription plan goes for $15 per month and comes with discount on shipping rates. The pay per use will fit perfectly for what we want to use it for, checks.

3. Shipito
This is a great and cheap mail forwarding service. They accept Nigerian customers and there are no setup fees, plus you also get a US address.

Besides receiving your affiliate checks, these services can be of tremendous help when you need to buy stuffs online and have them shipped to your Nigerian address. And also for those who may be needing a US address for international credit card application.

Go through the list above, choose one that appeals to you the most, and don’t forget to check their terms of service, fees, and shipping rates before deciding to use them.

If you have any questions, forward it to their help and support department. That not withstanding I would still love to hear your comments and questions here.

Please note, am neither an affiliate nor a representative of any of the companies mentioned in the post. So I’m not getting paid or anything, though a little cheque from them wouldn’t be a bad idea.