3 Simple Ways to Fund Your Payoneer Debit Mastercard

This post was sent to me as a rough draft from Taiwo Abayomi, and I just completely revamped the whole thing to suit my blog, but all credit go directly to him.

If you’ve already gotten your payoneer mastercard from one of the partner networks, then you’d have probably noticed that you can’t use or load your card till you have gotten payment from that particular network you signed up with.

The reason is that, some of these networks made deals with Payoneer itself to render cards unusable and unload-able till at least you’ve gotten a first payment from them, either from promoting one of their services or selling something. They just don’t want you to take their free card and disappear.

However there’s a particular network that does not operate on that basis, you can load and use the card you get from them, irrespective of whether they’ve issued you a first payment or not. But activation is not free as in the case of the other networks. You’ll need to load $10 to it if you’re outside of the US to get the card activated.

The network is ReviewMe, which I’m sure you’ve heard about.

If you’ve not gotten a card yet, and you don’t want to make use of the other networks I blogged about here, and here respectively, then follow along, let’s request for a new card using the ReviewMe Network:

Registering With ReviewMe
The first thing you’ll do is to sign up for an account, hop over to their website and click on that big button that says “SIGNUP NOW”.

Fill the form normally with your correct Nigerian address details, and in the payment option, select “Prepaid Debit Mastercard”.

As soon as you’re done with the form, click on “Create Account”, and you’ll be automatically taken to the Payoneer Mastercard signup page.

Ensure you fill out the page appropriately with your original address, so your card can get to you effortlessly.

When asked for your Identity verification, choose the drivers’ license option, though you’re free to choose any of the other two listed (National ID card or Int. Passport) if that’s what you have.

Your mastercard should be approved within 24hrs, so ensure you check your mail regularly.

If you’d like your card to be delivered to a P.O Box, then after about 5days of application, go to Payoneer.com, click on the “Contact Us” link. Tell them you want your card to be shipped to a P.O Box, and provide details.

P.O Box is faster, and with that you should get your card within 33days.
If you dont have a P.O.Box you can reach Abayomi on 08039259477 and he’ll give you one free of cost.

How To Fund Your Payoneer Mastercard
There are 3 different ways you can do this. You can either use card to card transfer, liberty reserve and of course getting payment from the network.

1. Card to Card Transfer
If you already own a Nigerian issued credit card, you can use this option. Go to: https://load.payoneer.com/LoadToPage.aspx, follow the instructions on the page and your card should be loaded. Anybody other than you can equally load fund directly into your card from any credit card using this option. If you do freelance work or the sorts, you can get paid directly into your card from your employer with this method.

2. Fund Payoneer Mastercard With Liberty Reserve
The other option is funding using liberty reserve, that’s if you don’t own any Nigerian card that you can use. Though I’ve never used this option myself, so do your due diligence before making use of the following information:

Visit www.minute-exchange.com Warning: Seems like they are running a Scam site, beware!

Click on “Debit Cards” on the top menu.

Click on “Found Debit Cards” (They used “Found” instead of “Fund”. Don’t know why, so don’t ask.)

Select the Atm card option .

Enter the amount you want to fund with.

Select Liberty reserve as the “Ecurrency Type”, then enter your liberty reserve account number.

Enter your full name in the next box exactly as it appears on your Payoneer card, and then enter your card number.

In the last box, which says “Additional Information” put in there that the card you’re funding is from Payoneer, and that it can be funded directly at: https://load.payoneer.com/LoadToPage.aspx using any credit card.

Then click submit. This will take you to liberty reserve payment page. Follow the instructions there to make your payment.

Check your card within 24hrs, and you should see your money in there.

3. Receive Payment Directly From The Network
This option is for getting payments directly from the network you’re working with. If it’s an affiliate network, then promote product and make sales. If it’s a freelance network, then look for work opportunities and execute them to get paid. If it’s a review type of network in the case of ReviewMe, then list your blog on their marketplace to get offers from advertisers, though your blog has to be popular with lots of great content to get advertisers’ attention.

You can now go on a spending spree.

Funds from your Payoneer mastercard can be withdrawn using any of the ATM’s at GTbank, Eco bank, International Airport, Zenith bank.

  • Hi David, thank you so much for this invaluable service to your subscribers. I breathe a sigh of relief after going through your detailed explanation on HOW TO FUND YOUR PAYONEER DEBIT MASTERCARD. Though I have applied for the card since mid-December 2009 (not through you) and all later requirements met; the said card is yet to be received. I really need it. Can I re-apply through “ReviewMe”? Please I need your advice.

    • Nigeria’s postal service is really nothing to write home about.

      If you’re in Lagos, use your correct home address with “23401” as your postal code.

      You can reapply using ReviewMe if you so wish.


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  • Dave thank you very much for contributions to us that are newbies in the field of IM.I downloaded my first free browsing system from you .You gave it out for free to help the starters even others were selling the samething for N5000.Since then you have remained the number one internet marketer in Nigeria as far as I am concerned.Most others are either selfish or at best greedy.Keep this up nothing ever goes unrewarded.Taiwo Abayomi too is following your footsteps.You people are doing well.This another good one.UP DAVE.I will get to know you someday.This is how to establish authourity if only others know.

  • Dave,
    I got my payoneer mastercard through 2CO but before then 2CO went ahead and cancealed my account with them, still Payoneer still when ahead to send my Mastercard. But since I can make use of the card unless I receive a payment from 2CO. Now, can I sign up with REVEIWME using the same ID verification and same address to receive another payoneer mastercard?

  • Mr dave i cant thank u enough for everything. i am happy about this post. i applied through 2checout, my card is on the way, but my account has been canceled. i know it will be useless when it comes. i reapplied through review me, but no response from payoneer. am frustrated. But i will keep trying.

  • very valuable info again. thank you so much.
    my question is that what if i am only interested in obtaining
    the card so that i can easily make purchases online. which of
    the networks will be safe for me? i only guess review me cos’
    i can fund it and use it without necessarily waiting to be paid from the network. let me hear your candid advice.

  • Dear Great Minds,

    I specially thanked oag Dave for the wounderful work he has done on the writeups.

    Yea i have been contacted by lots of people on this issue .

    Some of them think i was kidding but really i believe lots of people would comes out at the End of the month to show their prof.

    I also have mine card with me if only oga dave would permit me to show my scan copy.

    Love you all. Enjoy!

    Admin permit me on this.


    • Don’t know about limeexchange, I’ve never used their services. If you’re working and earning money from them, you might as well opt for their card, but if you’re just looking to get the card for your online payment needs, then I’ll suggest you stick with ReviewMe.

  • i have a master caed but cant activate it ant time i try the message i see is wrong card number and i keep tryin my card is from 2checkout.com

  • Hi David, nice blog.

    While doing my research I found this and just decided to share this information about minute-exchange so people would be careful. Looks like they are running a scam page.. http://bit.ly/dq71ck


  • I just got a card from limeexchange. Can I still sign up for another one using the same name, email, home address via ReviewMe. If i do that, Hope Payoneer will terminate my account.

  • Hello Bro Dav,
    Great thanks for your mentor-ship. i have just applied for the said card through review me, can i go on with my affiliates promotions with click bank, hoping to get the pioneer card soon.?

    Thanks as you advice will really be helpful sir.


    • Yup you can go ahead with that, but I don’t think Clickbank would be adopting Payoneer any time soon. I guess they were only making noise about it.

      You’d have to find an alternative means to receive your earnings for now.


  • Hey David, I have some confusions. Please help me by solving these:

    I have a Payoneer card from FriendFinder.com. But after receiving the card I found that I can’t continue with this affiliate. I can’t make money in this program. And also found that I can’t load the card till I get a payment from FriendFinder.

    After this I started working with Plimus. As far Plimus terms, I successfully received a payment from them via bank wire. Now I am eligible to apply for a Payoneer card with them.

    My questions are:

    1. If I apply for a new card, will my application be approved? I want to use the same details as the old card in the application form.

    2. Will this new card go under my old account?

    3. After getting the Plimus card, will I be able to load it with my CreditCard or have to wait for another payment from Plimus?


    • Hey Ford, of course you can apply for a new card, it would definitely get approved. And you can use the same details, but a different email address.

      2. If you use a different email address, it will go under a totally new account.

      3. Can’t really say about that, but I guess you’d have to receive another payment from Plimus into the card to make it usable or something.
      I’ve never really worked with Plimus, so I wouldn’t know how their system work. But, since you’re already making money with their network, that wouldn’t really be much of a problem.

  • Hi Dave. Thanks for all your efforts in ensuring the success of Nigerians. Kudos to you. I have just received my payoneer card through lime exchange, i hope to stick on it for now and see what happens but if I experience any probs, i will surely switch to reviewme.

  • Oga David, Please when you say we can do a card to card transfer with a nigerian credit card, does that mean we need to apply for a credit card different from the master card GTB gives? What about Visa cards can they work?

      • Oga david, Sorry I’m sounding like this, I’m still a novice to some of these things. Pls is this credit card different from the ATM card GTB gives, I have tried, it didnt work, and I’ve also tried with Skyebank’s VISA CARD, it still didnt work. PLs help!!!

        • Yes it’s totally different from ATM cards. You need to apply for a dollar credit card from any of the banks. I usually recommend web surfer credit card from Zenith bank or visacard from GTBank.

          Naira mastercard will not work for this.

  • Hello mr dave,
    please i tried to link my card with paypal but it tells me that my card was denied by the bank that issued it….please what do ido?
    I hope it is not the billing address,or do they matter cause i changed it since i used a usa address to signup at paypal, but it is my nigerian address that is on my credit card

  • Hello out there,
    Can someone please help us get a definate solution to this lingering payoneer debit card problem ? It’s taking too much time and not good for business.
    I’m thinking seriously about meta bank, will it not be a better option of clearing our affiliate cheques ? Something needs to be done urgently.

  • Hello David, pls can u help make a paypal payment for me, or maybe u
    knw smbody that can, even for a charge urgently, pls I wldnt mind. The
    amount is not much, it’s just $10. Please help me out. I awaite ur

    Secondly I have tried loading my pioneer card to no avail. i haved
    used the GTB card it’s still not working. Pls if yours worked, can u
    help some of us load our cards while we pay the amount to ur account
    so u’ll just do a transfer to us.

    at least that will help solve the problm for the long list of us still
    trying to load the card.


  • Thank so much for this information you gave out about how to load Payoneer card but plz,i still need small help from you.i have the card with me and till now i still dnt no how to fund the card.i was told to make payment from reviewme.com b4 i can load the Payoneer card.plz,is there anything you can do for me?

  • hey dave i tried to registeer my card in ppc campaign but i was told that the card couldn’t be linked to any source of funds which i guess it meant to any bank.what do i do in that case?

  • Dave hw can i get p o box details. review me did not accept my application because of my office address. And the location of my house here in lag have none address…. pls i need your help and assistance.

    Thank you for all your effort in this field of business.


  • Getting Payoneer is pretty easy but funding it becomes the wahala.

    Payoneer’s operations has been made in such a way that you must receive your first fund into the card from any of the Payoneer’s partners.

    This makes funding a lil bit difficult. But the good news is that there’s a way to twist around two of their partners and force them to send you cash into your card. Once this is done, you can subsequently fund from other sources like card to card, credit card etc.

    I tried it and it worked for me. You too can

  • dave, thanks 4 d beautiful info. Its really impactful! I need to be sure payoneer mastercard can act as a sort of virtual u.s bank acct with which i can receieve payments 4rm other websites. E.g if i got it from 2co can i use it to receive paymemt

  • Sir Dave, thanks for all your effort. but i have a good news!!!!!
    Finally, the trouble has ended. formally, getting a payoneer master card was not a problem, but funding it was the head ache. now, the problem of funding a payoneer master card with liberty reserve is like a piece of cake. it is all over!!
    i recently discovered a step by step ebook on where to secure a payoneer master card that could be funded with liberty reserve. i went ahead to secure the card and funded it through liberty.
    I just used this payoneer card that i funded with my liberty account to buy an ebook from click bank on Thursday, live and direct. any one who may need the ebook should just write to [email protected], or call: 07036015105. i will be giving out only 10 copies.

  • Sir dave I see no reason why some people just have to monetise everything, An infomation that would have help others in a way, people kept on siphoning money from people. If Oga Dave were to be monetising every infomation I wouldn’t have known what blogging is all about, I wouldn’t have known what payoneer mastercard is and how to get one. I will want to say at this junction a BIG THANK YOU AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU. I actual got my payoneer mastercard through 2CO, but up till now I could not fund it until a friend gave me this 2 website- http://adf.ly/CyFS and http://adf.ly/CyIS where you can sign up and later obtain a mastercard that can be funded through LR or AP. I just got mine through the first website and I have funded it with LR. you can give it a try and give me a feedback on 08035927834. I will be please to help. Signup for the business account for the second website; You will see the reason when you get there.

  • Nice to road from you again,plz I have. Somthing to ask which os that I have payoneer card and it over 7month on me without using it.can it still work?if yes,can can you be of help to fund it for me.if not,how can I get another?

  • NO @ tunji. what i use is not about visiting two sites! it is not all about trying to get a commission by referring people. u don’t have to fund your card through any third site. you have to fund it direct from your liberty reserve account.
    well, no need to say much, i don’t even want to release this info but just that i want to help solve card funding problem.
    after yesterday, a lot of people has secured it already. you can reach me through: [email protected], or call: 07036015105.

  • If you’re still having problems funding your payoneer card, try reading some of the comments above. You might find one or two alternatives. And ensure you do your due diligence before making any transactions.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Thank God for all the wonderful things he did for us all, may his name be glorified. i also thank god for using ”Sir David” to come most of our aids.
    We know that our next year’s achievement will be greater than this year’s achievement because the Bible says that ”the glory of the later shall be greater than that of the former”. i believe God for that.
    Always try to equip yourself with the right information and try to act on what ever information you’ve got, then leave the rest for God, He will surely perfect the works of your hands.

    Merry Christmas to you all and a prosperous new year in advance.

  • David, I’d like 2 say a big thank u 4 the effort u’re putting in 2 make things a lot easier 4 us. I received a payoneer card from reviewme this december and i’d like 2 know if it can still be funded directly without making any money from their affiliate programme.

  • i applied for a payoneer master prepaid card and i just received it but dont know how to fund or either make money through.pls i need a gud sites to make money frm it.thank u

  • Hi,David ,I have bookmark your site and will always visit it to learn from you , I read one of your post in the past and i applied it and it worked , today i am a proud owner of a Payoneer Mastercard from Review me, I am yet to credit it , i will try and implement one one the method you mentioned above and will surely return here to give you a feedback , you are really doing a good job ,keep it up. Thank you. I am trying to also provide useful info and free ebooks on my blog to help others , anyone interested can quickly go there to download his own copy now.
    David A.U.

  • osagie i have a problem,how do i transfer money from my liberty reserve to my payoneer mastercard.it was issued to me by my broker,instaforex

  • I registered for a card through review me with my real nigerian address as you specified and now it has arrived. Can i use it to make payments on paypal

  • I am suzon , 13th October i send 100$ Liberty Reserve to my payoneer master card From Minute-Exchange Site But today 17th october not get Pls help me

    • Hello Azu,
      i have told people to forget about getting any payoneer card from any partner. David himself know what i am saying. it will be very hard to fund any payoneer card from the popular partner who are profit seeking bodies.
      But, there is a particular partner you can get your payoneer card from and you will be able to fund it through liberty reserve, pecunix and one other exchanger.
      I advice any one who is interested in online business to secure the card.
      you can use the card to pay to any site. i have personally use it to import some laptops from aliexpress.com. that is the secrete website that our so called gurus are selling to people for N14,000 laptop. well, let me don’t go far. if you are interested for the ebook to secure your payoneer mastercard, then, you can call me or write to: [email protected].

  • please i need a p.o.box to get my card and how do i activate it with 10$ i dont undastand card2card transfer.Do u means any atm card transfer? pls help out man. I love you blog and your post

  • your blog is very intresting and very helpful to many nigeria.thank you very much. pls kindly suggest what i will do next, i try to apply for pioneer master card through reviewme but they putting my application on pending. so i did not receive any feedback, pls kindly suggest what i will do next,And send your number to my mail.Thank ones again.

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