How To Receive Your Affiliate Cheques/Checks In Nigeria

I get asked a lot from Nigerians who are just starting out affiliate marketing. How do I receive my affiliate cheques here in Nigeria? We all know Nigeria has a bad reputation when it comes to online business, and so many of these companies try to avoid us as much as possible.

While there are many ways to receive your affiliate cheques here in Nigeria, there’s one method (Graphcard) which I’ve had success with, and have proven to be very easy and cheap for beginning affiliates in Nigeria.

Besides helping you to receive and clear your cheques, they also give you a personalized US address with which you can use for your registrations with the various affiliate networks you work with.

Graphcard offers you a personalized virtual US address not just for affiliate marketers, but also for individuals who want to buy and ship items from the US.

Here’s How To Get A US Address And Start Receiving Your Affiliate Cheques With Graphcard:

1. Sign Up For A Free Personal Account With Graphcard.

graphcard signupFirst you need to sign up with them, choose your country and the account type (Personal-Buy online), complete the rest of the form by following the instructions carefully.

2. Getting Your US Address.

This is not free, Graphcard charges $4.99 for any month you make use of your personalized US address to receive your affiliate cheques.

To set this up, you’ll need $5 for the setup, and another $4.99 for your first month.

3. Funding Your Graphcard Account With VTN.

vtnBefore you can request for a virtual US address, you need to have some funds in your account for the processing, and the simplest way you can fund your Graphcard account is by making use of their sister site at VTN. Open another account with them using the same details (not compulsory) you used when opening your Graphcard account.

Adding funds to your VTN account is simple, log on to your account, at the left navigation menu, click on the “List of Banks to Add Funds” link to get their Nigerian bank account details.

After payment has been made, log on back to their website, at the left navigation menu again, locate and click “Confirm Bank Deposit”, fill the form with the transaction details which you can find on the deposit slip you paid with, and your account should be funded within 24hrs, if not less.

4. Fund Your Graphcard Account.

As soon as your VTN is funded, log on back to your graphcard account, click on the “Add Funds” link at the top of the menu, this will take you to a page, click on the VTN link that shows up, follow the instructions and your Graphcard account will be funded immediately in dollars.

5. Get Your US Address.

Log on to your account if you’ve not already, then click on the “Get a us address” link boldly displayed on top of your account, choose the lowest plan which is either silver or bronze. Follow the rest of the instructions, and your US address will be registered and emailed to you within 24hrs. Even if you don’t get an email from them (which is highly unlikely), log on to your account, and you’ll see your address boldly displayed for you on the top of the page.

You can use this address to register with the various affiliate network you work with. Once your payment is ready, your cheque will be mailed to Graphcard (LFR Communications, Inc.)  who will then help you clear it and credit your account accordingly.

6. How To Withdraw Your Money From Graphcard.

They offer different options for these, you can either request for a bank wire if you have a domiciliary account with GTBank, or request for a western union money transfer to be collected at any designated bank, or request fund to be paid back into your VTN account which you can easily cash in your local bank account.

To do any of these, log on to your account, and click on the “Withdraw Funds” link on top of the page, choose the option that best suits your need, follow the rest of the instructions to get your money.

Please Note: I don’t own, and neither am I an affiliate of either Graphcard or VTN. Infact the owners of Graphcard & VTN do not even know who David osajie is, at least as of this writing. They are lucky to be getting this promotional (well, in a way) article.

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  • Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the tutorial. it will help newbies alot.
    but how on earth can one get past their TAX ID Issue?
    I have some good cash that is stuck in there because of my TAX ID.

    • I’m curious to find out if filling out the w8-ben form as suggested by David worked for you. And if yes, did you need to change your IP address accessing click-bank at any point in time?

      Your response would be highly appreciated.


  • Thank you for the information. I already have US address with graphcard and others for my affiliate.

    The information will be rewarding for beginners as you rightly said.

  • @Hamziwhiz, that’s simple. Download the w8-ben form, fill it and mail it to Clickbank.

    The form is just to tell them you’re only making use of a US address, and you’re neither a citizen nor do you own any properties or employees in the US.

    @Ovegho, yes this will definitely be a big help to Nigerians just starting out.

  • Thanks for your concern, i had ugly experience with this so call graphcard, i have $19 and some cents with them after i transfer d money tru vtn, the day i want to sign up for the address they started telling me another grammar, they said i have to adjust cookies on my pc after that i cant log into the site again, i mail their customer care, no response with this i dont think they are good

    • In Lieu to your comment Lukman, Graph Card Services is not that bad as you said. The problem you encounter, might be you were browsing with Mozilla Firefox or from a proxy site.

      When ever you use such it will ask you to enable cookies. Graph card Site ONLY works with Internet Explorer version.

  • Their customer support is bad quite alright, but I’ve always managed to use their services.

    I’ve never had any cookie issue. The problem should be from your browser/PC, I guess.

    • Oga Dave, many thanks for your help and free tutors. Bro, i have the US address, tru graphcard. And i have registered with clickbank. My question is, how do i know or verify if my address is still valid for my check cashment?

      Pls, ur advice will help me alot.
      Thank you

  • Hi! Dave,
    This is very nice of you. Iam a newbie when it comes to online. I like this article very well. But currently I having internet connection problem and this has drastically hindered my progress online. Please Sir which ISP do you use because zain network I’ve been using has disappointed me. Please help because Iam at my wits end. I thank God for you. I promise to work with you. Thanks for your good works.

  • Good info you shared here.

    But Dave i think graph card are having some problems these days.

    So i suggest cashing it through payoneer card as i do is the best.

    You are too Much.

  • Internet connection in Nigeria is a pain in the butt. I currently make use of Starcomms Izap, and MTN 3.5g.

    None of them are up to standards, just manageable.

    @Yomi, the US address still comes in handy. I doubt if you can get that with Payoneer.

  • Chief Dave,
    More grease to your elbows.
    Your F.ree info materials on cashing your
    Affiliate Cheque is superb, scintilating,reliable and genuine.
    I’ve tried them believe you me it works. But if you want to cash your money using your VTN you need to Link the VTN A/c with your Bank A/c in Nigeria.
    Pls. keep on keeping on Bro Dave.

  • man this is indeed an eye opener to newbies. gr8 stuff. keep it up.can u recommend another reliable ip hiding tool for paypal? hide my ass apears to be too slow. thanks.

  • How Do I cash out with payoneer card from their website?
    I am expecting the card and still have not seen any where to use it on clickbank.
    thanks for your previous response.

  • Hi Dave,
    This is a good job, but with some of the above comment i am afraid that they have problem . How true is this. Can we continue to us them. Keep the good job going . God bless you.

  • The only issue with Graphcard is their customer service, it sucks big time.

    But they do a good job in receiving and clearing your affiliate cheques. So I would say give it a try, unless you probably have a better option.

  • hi dave tanx so much for this vtn information shared, but i will very happy if u can reply this message, i sent a friend some money from my vtn acct but he s bein complaining that he took the transaction id to bank phb & even to his bank where he has an acct but they rejected claiming they dont knw about that, pls help me on how he can cash the money. tanx from frank.

  • @Ogezi, receiving your Google adsense cheques through your Nigerian address is much more simpler.

    DHL officials knock on my door every 2months to deliver my cheque to me, and they charge about $19 or thereabout (I can’t seem to place my finger on it) for each delivery.

    And you don’t even have to bother about the payment, cos Google pays the money directly which is then debited from your account.

    @Frank, if your friend has an account with VTN, let him just transfer the money to his local bank account. They have an option for that on their site.

    Better still, contact VTN’s customer support.

    • Hi, did you request adsense cheque be sent through DHL or the do that automatically.

      What did you mean by “And you don’t even have to bother about the payment, cos Google pays the money directly which is then debited from your account.”


  • hi dave am a newbie will like to know more on how to make money from Google bank affiliate marketing and the rest

  • @dave
    tanx again 4 ur response! @tmoney was begining 2 confuse me cos i knw of that update too

    u will nt go far unless u focus on something.
    4get everything and open ur mind 2 master one thing. U will be amazed at how much success u will make in a little while. Choose something and focus on it.
    Good luck!

  • Thanks Mr Dave.
    But while I was adding my GTBank Current account to my Graphcard account, I was requested to fill in my International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and my SWIFT/BICS Code.
    I went to my bank branch to find out but I couldn’t get a definite solution to it. Pls kindly help me out. Or is it not compulsory?

  • Hi Mr. Dave,
    pls I want to know if Paid-mail companies like do really pay any one who registers with them as a Free Member?
    If YES, is it not better to receive it thru Liberty Reserve than thru Check?
    I’ll so much appreciate your prompt reply.
    Thank u.

  • TO
    I am very happy that we can find people like you who can help fresh men on difficult internet issues without collecting a dime.May you be blessed beyond measure…AMEN

  • Emmanuel, your IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is actually your domiciliary account, that’s what you should put there.

    Then Swift/BICS can be gotten from your bank. I also understand from your response that you went to your bank to get these things, but couldn’t get any relevant information. Are you sure you weren’t asking the security guards? Cos these are simple things any bank would be happy to help their customers with.
    Well, the Swift/BICS for Guaranty Trust bank is GTBINGLA.

    Nkechi – Thank you very much, that means a lot.

  • mr dave na God go bless u for all the help wey u dey render to naija newbies. Oga Dave i don register 4 friendfinder, but i no fit fill the w8 form wey dey send me. Na how i go put my signature and date for the form. abeg reply me sharp sharp.

    • You can print it out, complete, and scan.

      Alternatively, sign on a piece of paper, take this to your local business center, and they’ll use Corel Draw to add it to the document.

  • well i had a sour experience with vtn of recent
    i transferred $50 from my graphcard a/c to my vtn a/c then i did the transfer to my zenith bank a/c which is also linked to my a/c in aso savings bank
    i did the transcation on 23rd of march two days later they called to confirthe bank a/c and the transcation before they could proceed
    that same day i got a mail saying that the trasc. was successsful only to go my bank later to find out the so such transfer has been made i called the same number which was used to call to complain they insisted that the transc. has been carried out
    that i should go to the to ask for my statement for march till april but nothing was found
    i just got tired and fed up with the whole set-up i couldn’t get my money at the long run and i am tired of calling them what do i do?


  • @Ogezi, ask for the transfer details that was carried out, they should have it, and be able to provide it.

    Alternatively you can get your account statement for the particular day this transaction was said to have been carried out, and send to them.

    If nothing is done after all these, then contact me and I’ll take it up personally.

  • i am in school right now writing my first semester exams so when i get back to abuja i go to bank and ask for the statement again
    thanks for your concern

  • hi mr. dave,,thanks for all your good work..i need some assistance.
    i want to run an adwords account with google, but i dont know how to go about the billing,,can i use graphcard virtual card,,or what?Pls which method works best for nigerians because i registered as a nigerian,,as it is accepted..hop to hear from u.thanks

  • @ogezi …
    I don’t know if you have resolved your problem but from what you wrote, you transferred to a Savings Account. From my personal observation, VTN only requires/accepts Current Accounts (which is an equivalent of Checking Accounts) for local withdrawals. This is clearly stated on their “Bank Account Creation” panel.

  • Hello David,

    I like your blog, and people like you are destined for greatness. Well done!

    Please do you know if I can use my normal Nigerian IP address while filling out the Click Bank application/registration form without any hassles or getting into any troubles later on? I am asking this because most of the posts I’ve read online so far suggest one uses a UK address in conjunction with a Graph Card account (for payments). From your experience, will Click Bank disable my account if, while registering or later on, they detect my IP address as one from Nigeria and at the same time seeing my stated country as UK?

    Thanks in anticipation of your swift response.

    • Thank you very much, though you didn’t leave your name. But tell you what, don’t bother about IP if you’re just an affiliate. Clickbank only disturbs you about it if you’re a publisher.

  • Okay my name is Fikime.

    Thanks for your response. But I didn’t quite understand you there. Isn’t a publisher the same as an affiliate. Or did you mean to say advertisers?

    • Fikime welcome to, glad to have you here.

      A publisher is someone who writes and sells ebooks on Clickbank or any other affiliate network, and also lists them for affiliates to promote for a split. While an affiliate is someone who promotes the work of others (the publishers). You already know this, just that I got you a little bit confused there.

      • Thanks for the clarification.

        I wondered because Commission Junction actually refer to the “publishers” as the affiliates who promote products while they call the real service providers or companies or authors “advertisers”. Maybe it’s different at click-bank though. But I get the drift.

        I’ve just subscribed to your RSS. 🙂

        Sorry, one last thing, I understand you said I don’t need to worry about IP address when signing up as an affiliate. However, what address do I use? UK or India or doesn’t it matter as well? I’m really asking so I don’t run into any problems when I cross the $600 mark in the future.


        • Yes you’re right, and that’s because generally website owners are also known as publishers.

          If you have access to a UK or Indian IP, you can make use of those, just to be on the safe side. But it doesn’t really matter.

  • U have not answer my question david.i said is it posible for graphcard to clear survey checks and data entry.and can u pls tell me one of the best pay parclick site i can join

  • pls mr. david, am expecting an answer to my question on comment 42. Also, how do i complete the tax_id form for paypal,,i’ve downloaded it but I dont know where to fill and where not to fill.
    thanks in advance.

  • HELLO,

  • I have browse through reviewme site but i discover in there registration form they also request for tax because of that i did not do i go about it

  • I have browse through reviewme site but i discover in there registration form they also request for tax because of that i did not do i go about it


  • U have not answer my question ekunife.i said is it posible for graphcard to clear survey checks and data entry.and can u pls tell me one of the best pay parclick site i can join

  • Dave, Nice job. God bless you for your answers. i just want to start the data entry business and just got a virtual address from graphcard. My question is how do i get graphcard to automatically clear my cheques into my graphcard account for me to receive in nigeria and what name do i use as payee name is it LFR communications or my own name? Tnx.

  • hello Dave,
    please, we would like you to clear us on the question that ”LURGE” asked about graphcard automatic payment and name to use.
    thanks – kings

  • Payee Name is usually LFR Communications.

    Each time you get a check, you’re notified by Graphcard. This will be cleared and added to your Graphcard account. Or you can have them mail the check to you instead, which you can clear yourself here in Nigeria.

    Ensure you notify them beforehand that you’ll be making use of their address for affiliate checks. You can find more details on their website.

    • tanx very much for your help.
      What i need to knw is, do u just put the payee name as LFR COMMUNICATIONS or u need to register with LFR COMMUNICATIONs b4 using thier name as payee…

  • I am new to these affiliate stuff but i already have a graphcard address. I want to register as a publisher in commission junction but i dont know if i should choose nigeria as my country and put my graphcard address as my address.
    Please can someone put me trough. I will be grateful.
    @Dave i will really appriciate your help. Thanks

  • It’s high time you guys stopped giving Graphcard free publicity! Graphcard is either a scam or an unreliable company. First, their Customer Care really sucks big time. They keep issuing you silly tickets instead of addressing your complaints, and worse still getting them on phone can be a whole lot of headache. Secondly, it’s so easy to get your money trapped in their system…in a number of cases it keeps directing you back to your email box to get a new PIN to access your account which you often don’t get or doesn’t work! Moreover, their system only works well with the Internet Explorer browser. When you use other browsers, you may find it hard accessing your account…it often starts asking you to reset cookies on your computer. Further more, when you load your account and try to order their virtual Visa Prepaid Credit Cards, you often don’t get it on time or the system keeps telling you to try again later or to buy a bigger denominated card! As for their virtual address service, they’ve recently jacked up the subscription fee, making it somewhat costly for people with little financial means trying to start an online business. Graphcard really sucks big time! I would advise you to avoid them like a plague unless you want to get your fingers burnt!

  • Oga dave and Oga Idris,
    abeg make una answer our questions nah.
    Since you both have jointly passed votes of no
    confidence on Graphcard, lay on us then which
    or what services you use. Or is there any way
    disclosing the info will jeopardise your success
    with such services? Pls we really count on people
    like you… a lot of us.
    Thanks a lot, all the same.

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