Minute Exchange Might be Running a Scam Site – Beware!

Minute Exchange Might be Running a Scam Site – Beware!

Somebody did a guest blog post on my site recommending Minute-exchange as an easy means of funding payoneer mastercard using liberty reserve.

I’ve received lots of complaints from those who tried their service, and they’ve all lost their money as their money were all taken and their cards never funded.

I would advise you stay away from them completely. If you need to fund your payoneer mastercard, the easiest means is using card to card transfer or receiving money directly from the network you’re working with.

My sincere apologies for having allowed their site/services recommended and published on my blog, and also to those who’ve lost their hard earned dollars.

You might want to share your experience if you’ve used their services before without a hitch or if you were amongst those who got scammed.

  • Please david,do u knw any genuine exchange site i can use to exchange the money i have in my paypal to my liberty reserve.please i need ur urgent reply.i have up to $200 in my paypal and i want to exchange it to my liberty reserve as quick as posible.i got this money fron online survey.help me please

  • Pls david,i will u to tell me which exchange site i should use for my paypal to liberty reserve,since minute xchange has turn scam.ì have 150 dolars in my paypal and i need to witdral it.help me with d best genuine xchange site to use.i need ur urgent reply ,thanks.

  • Pet – Unfortunately I don’t, your best bet would be to sell your paypal to some Nigerian merchants who would pay you the equivalent in Naira.

    John – I don’t know of any legit exchange site that does that for now. I’ll let you know if I find something.

  • ls david now that minute-exchange is a scam site.how do we send money from LR to the payoneer credit card that we have because the card is no more useful

  • i want sincerely thank David for his simplicity in dis business, i now have my card from payoneer but i have not been able to credit my card. since there is a change in policy the card to card will nt work, i know i really need ur help in this stuff. besides i am of the opinion that u should edit the 3 ways of crediting a payoneer card in your web site comfirm the fact that the site might be a scam.
    b4 i met u i ran into a lot of scams
    more over i am new in dis stuff and i need to stand in your shoulder to see better.

  • Dave, i have a lot of question on what to do that will generate income online.
    in fact i think i will need your contact. phone, email, etc……..
    thanks a lot Dave.

  • l cant believe this that l have been scammed honestly l got the site last year and l dont bother to check how credible they but see me now am l have been scam of my hard earn money and honestly l dont know what to do because my money is gone

    • I’m sorry to hear that Taiwo. I put up this post due to the number of emails I got about them.

      Just be careful next time, “minute exchange scam” on Google brings up a lot.

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