How To Receive Your Google Adsense Verification Pin in Nigeria

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Here’s a quick and simple guide on how I was able to get my Google adsense verification PIN here in Lagos, Nigeria. I know of some Nigerian publishers who have lost hundreds of dollars of their Google Adsense earnings simply because they either did not receive their Google adsense PIN (personal identification number) or it came too late or probably just got lost on the way.

When your new Google adsense account has generated up to $10 or thereabout, Google will require you to verify your account. They’ll notify you of this when you log on to your account.

Google-Adsense-PIN-Verification Notification
PIN Verification Notification

Make Sure Your Address And Post Code Are Correct

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Before you request for a PIN to be sent to you, take these steps to ensure your address and post code are Ok.

  • Log on to your Adsense account.
  • Click on the “My Account” tab.
  • Click on the edit link under payee information, and edit as required.

If you are in Lagos, ensure your postal code is set to “234001“. That’s the only way you’re guaranteed of receiving your PIN and subsequent cheques. Alternatively you can visit the Nigerian postal service site to search for a code in your area. Though I recommend you use the one I provided above if you’re in Lagos, it worked for me. If you’re outside Lagos, make use of the Nigerian postal service code site above. If you’re  in a different country, kindly check with your postal service.

How To Request For a New PIN

You’re only allowed three requests by Google, and you’ll be in serious shit (excuse my language).

  • Log on to your Adsense account.
  • Click “My Account” tab.
  • Go to the payment history page.
  • Click “Please enter your PIN link”.
  • Click “Request a new PIN” link

That’s it, your PIN would be sent to your address within 3 weeks to 2months. I received mine within 45days here in Lagos Nigeria.

How To Activate Your Account When You Receive Your Pin

  • Log on to your account.
  • Click on “My Account” tab.
  • Click on “Payment History”.
  • Click “Please enter your PIN” link.
  • Enter your PIN as it appears in the PIN document sent to you.

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  • Thanks for the info you exposed me to. My problem is “How To Request For A Pin”
    When i click on payment history page, i could not see “Please enter your pin link” and “Request a PIN link” In this case, what can i do? The blogger account that i use to sign up with Google AdSense is now dissable. Could this be the cause? I am looking forward to seeing your reply soon!!! THANKS A MILLION.

  • Fred if your account hasn’t generated the required minimum revenue, I don’t think you’ll see that link.

    The blog or website you signed up with has nothing to do with it. Just write more quality content, and try to get traffic to your site.

  • Pls dave i have been having issues with this close to a yr nw.
    I live in an area where there’s no valid address. Please is there anyway out?
    I dont have any relative/frnd that can help me recieve my pin and i jst have 1 chance left. Pls help out

  • Mr Dave i am really grateful to you for all the help you have been rendering. i have a little question about this google adsense thing.
    If i open a P.O Box e.g (Mr Chukwuemeka Nkwocha, Moor Plantation Ibadan P.O.Box 858 Ibadan Nigeria). Wont Google adsense send my verification pin and my subsequent cheques to this address? i really want to know so that i can go get my self a P.O.Box. Thanks

  • This method worked for me but can you imagine that the pin for my adsense was sent 3 times and my folks at home lost the 3 because I was away on NYSC and this made me to discover another way to verify your adsense and I believe this would work even if you live where NIPOST will not be able to deliver letters to:
    #1 You have to request for the pin 3 times, that is the maximum and that is a space of 6 months
    #2 Go back to your adsense account and tell them you have not be able to receive your pin
    #3 Through your adsense login you will find the ways to report that problem and when send you a mail for the problem they would request you send them your any 2 of the following
    (1) A utility bill in my case I used my Nepa bill that has the same address with the one I used in registering on the site
    (2) An ID Card issued by the govt, I used National ID Card
    Please note that you will scan this document to them and in less than 72 hours your adsense account will be verified!!!

    • Google forgive me oh but una no well @ all. Why make people go through the stress of snail mail when they have the option of just providing their National ID/International passport and utility bill?

      Mine arrived after 8 months of waiting and ordering 3ce for the damn thing.

      I tire oh!

  • sir,
    i presently ave an account with graphcard/vtn ,but i find very hard to use this account as a mean of collecting money from programs i signedup with like,clickbank/paypal/google adsense.
    what do ido,pls help

    • Sunday, use your Nigerian address for Google Adsense. You’ll receive your monthly checks delivered to your door step without any hitch.

      Paypal doesn’t accept Nigeria, if you’re going to jump country, it’s good you do that with a country that you can easily defend when the need arises.

      Clickbank works well with Graphcard for beginners, but if you are already earning well with your affiliate promotions, I’d suggest you get a US address from mail companies like,, etc.

  • please i am a new in this google adsence thing and i would love to know more , please i need somone to guide me through.

  • hi,
    pleaz advice
    i opened a blog and immediatly applied for an adsense account
    it was turnred down on this reason-Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after
    reviewing your application, we’re unable to accept you into AdSense at this time. We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.
    – Page Type
    -Your website must be your own top-level domain ( and not
    You must provide accurate personal information with your application
    that matches the information on your domain registration.
    – Your website must contain substantial, original content.
    – Your site must comply with Google AdSense program policies

  • What if google approve me and later disapprove me for violating their terms of service, can i use my name and address to apply for another google adsense. And please my mentor [MR DAVID] i need your phone number please.

  • please the pin reapplying process is not there for me
    Please I want to re apply for my google pin,but the link you mentioned is not there in my account,please check again and update it for me.

  • pls google adsense has been rejecting me.they said i need to use my own website&i honestly dont know how to go about this.pls help.thank you.

  • Gdmornin dav. I’ve gone through ur blog lots of times to find answers to my qustions and am grateful. Am a physicaly challenged guy (use adjustable calliper on right leg) who after been stressd with searchin for jobs in lagos would want to settle for online and offline jobs like freelancing, clickbank and google adsense. Pls David i need ur MENTORSHIP. Kindly write me at My email: [email protected]. But i wish to ask can freelance sites pay directly to my dom account with GTB? Or if i use Payoneer card will the card be creditd directly without going thru paypal or me opening a USA account? Kindly reply soon. Thanks. MURPHY OMO-EGUAOJE

  • >