Focus: Don’t Be a Jack Of All

It really amazes me when people try to do everything at the same time, they eventually get frustrated and fail over and over again. But again, who blames them? A typical newbie gets flooded with lots of business opportunities on a daily basis. He buys and devours everything, and then sets out to implement each and every one of them at the same time. When he tries this and tries that, he fails and gives up.

We’ve all been in this situation one time or another. I remember when I was just starting out, I signed up for every free course I could lay my hands on, bought everything I thought I needed to succeed online which of course was very far from it.

I would set up different sites for adsense, the next week I’m off to clickbank to pick some products to promote, set up free blogs for them and off I go again to do a little survey. I would read this, read that and try to do everything.

Eventually I got confused and frustrated, cos no income was coming through from all the efforts.

The key to building a successful business is simply focus!

If you’re starting out with adsense for instance, simply research a profitable niche, build your site around that. And then start promoting by finding out ways of driving traffic to it, hopefully in a week or two of hard work, your site must have started generating decent traffic and income too. Then you simply repeat the process for another site/niche

Remember to just pick one business model, work and concentrate on it and become a master in it, all other things will follow suit.

If you’re following a program, don’t get distracted or get interested in a new program that promises stuff. You’d just be going round in circles, because the next month another marketer will come up with another so called “secret”, which you’d want to get and implement. If you do this, you will spend years on the internet without making anything. And I talk from experience.

So, the real secret is just focus on a proven formula, and give it your best shot.

  • good day mr david
    my name is matthew please i will like to ask for a list of site that buy articles from people both online and off line
    Also i will like to know other programs that you run
    thank you so much looking to here from you soon.