Making Money Online Is A Skill

I know this is contrary to what your guru told you.

You must have heard how easy it is to generate an abundance of cash online, while that may be true, you need to master these skills. You can’t just read one e-book that promises wealth and fame and expect to become a millionaire overnight, nope! doesn’t work that way. One thing your so-called guru never told you is that you’ll need a brain of your own, hard work and more research to really be successful with whatever it is he is selling to you. I know there are lots of products that delivery exactly as advertised, but even at that some of us will still have problems implementing them, and that’s why you have to start from the very basic.

First of all you need to understand exactly what it is you want to do to generate cash, there are virtually lots of business opportunities available online, and the easiest way to fail as a beginner is to try your hands on everything at once, I made a post about that here. You can opt for affiliate marketing, where you promote other people’s product for a percentage, you can also focus on Google adsense by building and promoting small niche sites or you could create and sell your own information products. Either way you want to go you need to master some basic skills to guarantee your success. I’ll be sharing some of the skills you need in my next post.

  • Did you know about paypal business, pls not paypal account. I heard of something like paypal laid but I’m not to such of the word laid

  • Is making money online really a skill? Well I think this is where many people have missed the mark! When you devote your time to ‘mastering’ make money online as a skill you’ll only waste time and effort.

    Making money online is simply a broad phrase about providing a service or product online with the mind of earning a living from that which you’re doing.

    As rightly mentioned in your post there are various activities you can engage in to make money online. What you should understand about all of these is that you should, from the very begining consider yourself as being in business. Decide on what model you want to focus on and then learn the skills that will help you succeed with that model.

    Making money online is not a skill. That is too broad a word to focus on. Choose your model and learn and success will come easily.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • And you think providing a service or a product online isn’t a skill worth mastering? Because I actually thought some people are just better doing certain things online than others, and if I guess correctly, it’s because they are a little bit more skilled.

  • i am one of thousands thatb as benefitted from your good work though have really make the money physical but have made so much in the imagine of it and so going come to reality soon .
    pls i have a questio
    my name is matthew please i will like to ask for a list of site that buy articles from people both online and off line
    Also i will like to know other programs that you run
    thank you so much looking to here from you soon.

  • It is tue focus is all it takes to make it online. I was trying every online business. I never made a dime until i focused on a particular model. i learnt all i had to learn and did it. and that’s how i make it.

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