Beginners Affiliate Marketing Free Blog Series

beginning affiliate marketer
Affiliate Marketer

I’m starting a free blog series here on, on how to set up and run an affiliate website/business that makes money.

If you’re already an affiliate, but not making enough. Or perhaps you’re just trying to test the waters, I invite you to stick with me as we go through this step by step right here on this blog.

The purpose of this blog series is to make the whole process simple and fun. I could have just packaged this (I would in the future), and given it out for free download. But in my opinion it wouldn’t be as effective as working together, and asking questions. Besides you’d be more motivated when you see others taking part.

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Clickbank To Pay With Payoneer Debit Mastercard

clickbankIn a press release dated 19th, January 2010, the affiliate giant is now set to issue Payoneer debit Mastercard to all it’s affiliates and vendors.

This is a terrific news to all international payees.

What this means is that, you get your payments transferred directly to your Payoneer Debit Mastercard, which you can easily cash on your local ATM machine immediately.

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How To Get a Free Payoneer Debit Mastercard

Payoneer Debit Mastercard

The benefits of owning a Payoneer Debit MasterCard as a Nigerian in Nigeria is overwhelming. It can be used to verify your paypal account, make purchases online, and the best of all receive payments from the various affiliate networks you work with, all in one card.

You can withdraw the funds on your card by using an ATM machine that supports Mastercard. (I use Zenith And Guaranty Trust Banks, they work very well.)

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Wish Me A Happy Birthday

I just added another year today!

My thanks go to God almighty for his infinite mercies, standing by me all these years.

I want to also say a big thank you to all my subscribers, readers, clients, families, friends and foes.

Some of you have known me longer than others, but all in all you’re all great, and I thank you for standing by me all these years.

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Making Money Online Is A Skill

I know this is contrary to what your guru told you.

You must have heard how easy it is to generate an abundance of cash online, while that may be true, you need to master these skills. You can’t just read one e-book that promises wealth and fame and expect to become a millionaire overnight, nope! doesn’t work that way. One thing your so-called guru never told you is that you’ll need a brain of your own, hard work and more research to really be successful with whatever it is he is selling to you

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Focus: Don’t Be a Jack Of All

It really amazes me when people try to do everything at the same time, they eventually get frustrated and fail over and over again. But again, who blames them? A typical newbie gets flooded with lots of business opportunities on a daily basis. He buys and devours everything, and then sets out to implement each and every one of them at the same time. When he tries this and tries that, he fails and gives up.

We’ve all been in this situation one time or another. I remember when I was just starting out, I signed up for every free course I could lay my hands on, bought everything I thought I needed to succeed online which of course was very far from it.

I would set up different sites for adsense, the next week I’m off to clickbank to pick some products to promote, set up free blogs for them and off I go again to do a little survey. I would read this, read that and try to do everything.

Eventually I got confused and frustrated, cos no income was coming through from all the efforts.

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