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On your marks, set, go!

DavidOsajie.com has finally launched after 2yrs of continuous postponement.

For a start, I’ll be  making 3-4 posts per week due to time constraint, and that’s because this is going to be written by me, and no one else.

We’ll be covering:

1. All aspects of Internet Marketing.

2. E-payment Solutions.

3. Blogging.

4. SEO.

5. E-commerce.

6. Web 2.0.

7. etc.

The Big Idea is to provide you with top notch information on a daily basis , so you can stop buying into scam and rip off products.

Whether you are a beginner just trying to test the waters, or you’re an internet marketing whiz kid, I’ll be covering just about enough to help you kick start that wonderful business/idea, and keep you going.

Since we’re just kicking off, we would really like to start by solving so many issues that have been a burden to you. And we can only do that if you tell us what it is.

So if you have a topic suggestion, please do send it, and I’ll make sure I cover it in my next post.

Though while I cannot guarantee coverage of every topic, I’ll try as much as possible to cover the most requested topics/issues/burdens.

David Osajie is an online marketing consultant with over 15 years experience driving digital customer acquisition for major brands. Follow on Twitter

    • Just stick around, we’ll be covering that gradually.

      But in the simplest form, look for a topic you’re passionate about, register a domain name for it, install wordpress and off you go.
      You’d be surprised how many people would be interested in what you have to say.

  • that is great i always known you to be a man of your words and seeing the benefits of others.please i want to know every bits of this information especially internet marketing

  • I doff my hat for u Dave. Indeed, U`re an internet biz general with exceptional human face & milk of human kindness. U`re a rare gem More grease to ur joints, man.

  • Thanks for setting up your blogs and for the willingness to share your knowledge to help others.The good Loed will make your dream a reality.
    Please put in mind newbies like us who don’t know much about online biz and teach us simple things for a start that will launch us ahead.Kudos .

  • it is fantastic dav. we are with you. ride on majestically because you are tremendeously impacting your generation .God bless you. tom

  • Hello Dav, I must actually commend your exceptional effort for launching your own BLOG in ensuring that internet novice like us who have never make a dime online are given sence of direction through your God given-talent, infact if most of those internet Bin Ladin will follow your footsteps.. ‘No Scam’then, there will be few lessprivilege and less crime in the society, cause everybody would be busy raking legimate cash from the net. May God give you and your team alround increase to excel in knowledge and status. Iam solemly behind you…Carry Goooooooooooo!

  • oga dave you are too much for impacting knowledge to the entire generation of people.keep it up.if a chance should be given to me to nominate the president of our country,i will not look back to nominate you.you are indeed a mentor and guru

  • Happy Birth day to the man of the moment.I really enjoy your concern for your clients and your sincerity.I have subscribed to some other people before you and there are very disappointing but you are the real man. Keep the good work moving Sir. God bless you.

    • Samuel, I’m in business because of my clients. I owe them every bit of sincerity and concern.

      Thanks, these are the type of comments that keep me going strong.

  • David, I wish you happy birthday and many happy returns. I want to know the best way to sell on the Internet both here and Internationally.

    • Thanks Marian, are you selling physical products or downloadable ones?

      But basically, you’ll need a website for your products, and a means for collecting your money (credit card processing).

      2checkout.com has been very helpful to Nigerians in terms of credit card processing.

  • Great Dave, you are the best and am not mincing words at all when i think of your credibility in your internet business.
    well, am interested in blogging, web 2.0 and e-payment solutions.
    Thank you

  • Hi David!
    Just found your website online and wanted to say congrats on getting your blog up. I’ve been looking for other blogs related to SEO from other Nigerians so I’ll say it’s about time! I’ll stop over from time to time to see if there’s anything I can pick up for my own SEO Blog, and don’t worry, I’ll play nice… 🙂

    • Hey Tola, thanks for dropping by. I would like to know how you found me, if you don’t mind.

      By the way, you have a nice blog there, I’ve already scanned through, and I’ll visit often.

  • KUDOS man! You seem to have come a long way in just 2 months with the amount of comments I’m seeing here. You probably had quite a following offline before you moved online. It took me longer to find my feet and I’m still learning the ropes sha. Great informative site.

    P.S: On my browser (Opera 10.53), your sidebar ads are showing Advertise Here images instead of the Netfirms and Hostgator logos. Try and fix that. Cheers 😉

  • Yeah, you guessed right, I’m one of those “make money online” guys who recently just started blogging about it.

    Well just because you’re not getting comments doesn’t mean nobody is reading. I mean, I have been reading your blog, but never dropped any comments till I was pissed off by a comment on your blog, which I know what was brought you to my blog.

    From what I can see you’re doing quite fine, you get placed on Google for so many search phrases, and I’m dead jealous.

    Well, thanks for dropping by. And about the logo thing, I’ll fix that, thanks for reminding me though.

    • LWKMD. Ain’t no reason to be dead jealous. Honestly speaking I was even kinda threatened as your blog is loaded with info and more info that seem to be missing @ my blog ;-).

      Keep working @ them backlinks and I can assure you that you’ll be ranking soon enough for quite a good number of search phrases to the point where you’d probably run me off the first page of Google if you’re aggressive enough. LMAO

      Thanks for being a frequent reader of my blog. I’m GREATLY honored and remember, you started off a good note and will go places, if you just stick to “that path”

      Cheers man!

  • David please assist me in explaining to me more about affiliate marking, posting of blog. in fact general on line income system.

  • Hello Dave,
    I am from Mongolia and clickbank does not give us mongolians to work on clickbank. I wrote them a comment 3 years ago if they are available to include Mongolia to the list of countries in clickbank. Their answer was pretty good. The meaning was Mongolia reported as a fraudant trial from your end. It is a truly fake answer! Clickbank is not common for Mongolians still now.
    How they try to cheat clickbank if no any person registered there?

    Anyone advise me how i vote and try the clickbank add my country: MONGOLIA?

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