Wildcard DNS Setup For The Kloxo Hosting Panel

As most of you already know, kloxo is a free alternative to Cpanel and DirectAdmin hosting control panels, and I make use of it for most of my VPS hosting needs.

I needed to setup a wildcard dns for Kloxo to use with WordPress multisite for a project I’m working on, but sadly there wasn’t any readily help available, not even on the kloxo help forum.

After some tinkering I was able to solve this problem and have my setup working fine. Here’s a simple workaround:

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US Address Options For Nigerian Clickbank Affiliate Marketers

If you’re struggling with Graphcard’s US address system and their lousy customer support, then I’d recommend to try one of these other USA address options. But you must be earning first with your affiliate programs to avoid wasting your money.

1. Myus
This company offers a good mail forwarding service, they accept Nigerians and ship to Nigeria. They give you a real US address that’s solely yours. There are 3 subscription plans you can choose from, browse through and select one that’s most convenient for you. I’d recommend the premium + mail plan.

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ATM Fraud – How to Protect Yourself

I got an e-mail message from a distressed subscriber recently, I’m going to quote him below:

guday david. how is your biz and your family? Dav, it is yet another set back to me . my savings account with 1st bank was totally emptied by the A T M fraudsters last week. i am presently with no money. please, if you can help me send life line. thanks

Now I seriously don’t know how he gave away his PIN/Banking details so easily, but…

…from my experience, these guys use email extractors to extract your email addresses from forums, social network and the various websites you visit which you must have probably used your email address to register on.

Now once they’ve gathered these email addresses, they go ahead to build a fake website which is called a phishing website. These websites usually have the look, feel and little functionality of the site they intend to impersonate. But it doesn’t take a genius to figure out it’s a completely hoax, but to my amazement people still fall for it which of course I wouldn’t blame them.

Here are some precautions to guard yourself from falling victim to these scumbags:

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Minute Exchange Might be Running a Scam Site – Beware!

Somebody did a guest blog post on my site recommending Minute-exchange as an easy means of funding payoneer mastercard using liberty reserve.

I’ve received lots of complaints from those who tried their service, and they’ve all lost their money as their money were all taken and their cards never funded.

I would advise you stay away from them completely. If you need to fund your payoneer mastercard, the easiest means is using card to card transfer or receiving money directly from the network you’re working with.

My sincere apologies for having allowed their site/services recommended and published on my blog, and also to those who’ve lost their hard earned dollars.

You might want to share your experience if you’ve used their services before without a hitch or if you were amongst those who got scammed.

3 Simple Ways to Fund Your Payoneer Debit Mastercard

This post was sent to me as a rough draft from Taiwo Abayomi, and I just completely revamped the whole thing to suit my blog, but all credit go directly to him.

If you’ve already gotten your payoneer mastercard from one of the partner networks, then you’d have probably noticed that you can’t use or load your card till you have gotten payment from that particular network you signed up with.

The reason is that, some of these networks made deals with Payoneer itself to render cards unusable and unload-able till at least you’ve gotten a first payment from them, either from promoting one of their services or selling something. They just don’t want you to take their free card and disappear.

However there’s a particular network that does not operate on that basis, you can load and use the card you get from them, irrespective of whether they’ve issued you a first payment or not. But activation is not free as in the case of the other networks. You’ll need to load $10 to it if you’re outside of the US to get the card activated.

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Free Payoneer Mastercard From 2checkout

2checkout payoneer mastercard

I got a free 2checkout Payoneer mastercard delivered to my doorstep not too long ago. It took about 36days or thereabout from the date of application.

Though I have published a post on how to get a free Payoneer Mastercard using Friendfinder, but I just had to visit this topic once again, but this time with 2checkout.

Now before you sign up for a Payoneer Mastercard, you should check carefully which of the partner network you’re likely to earn money from. There’s no point signing up with a network you know you can’t promote in order to make money from. The reason is, your card will be unusable till you’ve received at least one payment from that network.

What I’m saying is you can’t load or use your Payoneer Mastercard to buy anything online till you have received a payment from the network you signed up with. And Payoneer gives you just 6 months of inactivity, and your card gets closed. That’s pretty long to me, I mean what are you doing with a card for six months without using it?

So you should consider seriously if you really need a Payoneer Mastercard or not. I know of people who just want one cause they just want to have it.

If you’re ready to promote 2checkout’s affiliate products, then here’s how to get a free Payoneer Mastercard from their affiliate program:

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Add html Extension to WordPress Pages and Posts

I recently put up my company’s website using wordpress. The look and design feels like a corporate site which it is rather than that of a blog. And to make it more professional, I thought of adding .html extension to all the pages.

I came across this nice little plugin that did the wonders for me by automatically adding .html extension to all the pages.

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