4 Basic Tips I Used To Increase My Google Adsense Clickthrough Rate

2 mins read

I recently optimized one of my websites that makes money through Google adsense advertising, and I noticed my clickthrough  rate went through the roof.

If you’re getting visitors, and nobody is clicking on your fine ads, then here are the basic things I did which has really helped my clickthrough rate over these past few days.

  • I changed my adsense colors to match the same color as my website. Old news, I’d be surprised if you’ve not done this already. This really did wonders, and seriously this is the first thing you’re even supposed to do.
  • I removed the 468×60 banner size, and I replaced it with the 336×280 banner size. This is because it’s just so familiar that people always tell easily that it’s an ad, and so avoid it.
  • I removed most of my image ads, and totally replaced them with text ads. Don’t ask me why, it just gave me the result I was looking for.
  • I also incorporated the blue/purple color scheme for all of my links. That’s because people see this as just a link, visited and active link standard on the web.

I know these are all basic stuffs you may already know, but the truth is that they’ve really helped me over these few days, and I just had to write about it.

If you have any legitimate optimization tip you use, that’s working for you, kindly share by making use of the comment box.

Note: Whatever you do, do not click on your own ads. Write interesting articles and people will read them, and probably click on your ads.

Always make sure you stay updated on the Google adsense policy, to ensure you’re not breaking any of their rules or you could get banned, and your money frozen.

David Osajie is an online marketing consultant with over 15 years experience driving digital customer acquisition for major brands. Follow on Twitter

  • mr Dave thanks for all the help u’ve been rendering to we newbies. Pls i want to know how to enable adsense in my WORDPRESS BLOG. i have a beutiful blog with good content on wordpress, and i have applied for adsense since 4 days ago, but no reply from google. does it take this long? Pls help. you can check my blog at http://www.getrichinajiffy.wordpress.com

      • Mr. David, what,if I use a registered domain name and a paid hosting with the WordPress.com or .org, will the WordPress.com folks allow any sort of advertising/adsense on their blog? Please, I want to know soonest.Thank you.

  • My dear Dave, can a newbie with a new website/blog and a first- time content/article apply for google adsense and be successfully approved? Because,I read in an info marketing newsletter that an individual must have written/placed at least three articles/contents in his website/blog before applying and given an adsense approval.I have not applied for google adsense before and I don’t want to be disappointed when I do.Please,give me the correct feedback.Thank you.

    • Emmanuel, if you have any doubts, you can create a blogger account and set up your adsense account that way. Approval is very quick, almost instant even. Then, you use the same publisher code on all your websites.

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