Top 7 Google Adsense WordPress Plugins

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I was searching for a means to easily add some Google ads on my other blogs, and I came up with these lists. So far, they’ve been performing very well. The thing I like about them is that they give me absolute control over my ads, where and how I want them.

So Here’s The Top Seven Google Adsense Plugin You Should Consider Adding to Your WordPress Blog:

1. Adsense Now!

This is by far the simplest way to add Google ads on your blog. It’s very simple to use, it automatically puts ad code into your post and pages.

It gives you total control of how many ads you want to display on a post or page, and how and where you want them to be displayed. If you’re looking for simplicity and speed, go for this.

2. Easy Adsenser

I use this on one of my blogs, I love it so much. Gives you an admin management panel to manage the display of your ads. You have the ability to add Google search, ad units, and everything adsense related.

The author of this plugin added an ad sharing system, where 5% of each click on your ad goes to him. But of course this can be disabled if you’re not comfortable with it. To do this, after installation, go to the easy adsenser setup from your wordpress admin panel, change the 5% to 0%. And you’ll have all your clicks to yourself.

3. Advertising manager

This is an advanced ad management plugin not just for adsense, but other ad networks like Adbrite, Kontera, Chitika, you name them. It manages and rotates all of your ads. I like the reporting feature, it shows you how many views and clicks your ads got on a given time frame. This is definitely good, and I even make use of it on this blog.

You can automatically place your ads on any section of your post manually when composing.

4. Adsense Under Image

This nice little plugin will place a google ad under the first image in your post. If your post doesn’t contain any images, then no ad will be displayed.

5. Adsense Revenue Sharing

This is a nice plugin that enables you to share your ads with your friends, readers and co-authors. It gives you an admin panel where you can setup and manage everything. You can add and delete as many authors as you desire.

6. Adsense Attachment Page

This is a very nice way to earn some money from people who click on your attached images to view the larger portion of it. This plugin will show attachments with thumbnail image, and when you click on it, you get the full size.

7. Adsense Integrator

Nice plugin that allows you to generate revenue from your blog with adsense, adbrite, shareasale, clickbank, etc.

So there you have it, though there are bunch of other plugins you could make use of, but the seven I listed above should do it for you.

David Osajie is an online marketing consultant with over 15 years experience driving digital customer acquisition for major brands. Follow on Twitter

  • Please i need your assistand because have signeup but have never done any thing that its ok there i want to know how to put the top 7 adsence google plugin in my blog so thank you am going to expect from you

  • mr dave ,please how do i get those things you outline above for easy ad plug in?
    secondly, are they softwares ? please i need your assistance on these.thanks

    • They are plugins for wordpress, (little php scripts that help extend the functionality of your wordpress powered site).

      Each of the listed plugins are linked to their respective download pages. Click on the one you want to use.

      Better still, you can install them via your wordpress admin panel. You can follow the steps I listed here.

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