How to Install WordPress Plugins and Themes From The Admin Dashboard

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I’ve discovered that so many beginners to blogging don’t know how to install themes and plugins on wordpress. So I just thought I should show you how to do this without the need of ftp (file transfer protocol). This can easily be done through your wordpress admin dashboard.

WordPress has made searching and installing themes and plugins very simple, by incorporating it into your admin dashboard.

I’ve been using this feature for quite some time now. I don’t know if you are, but this is basically for complete beginners to wordpress blogging.

So instead of downloading and uploading through an ftp, which is very stressful by the way (I’m pretty lazy), you could just do all that from your dashboard by following the simple steps listed below.

Installing WordPress Plugins From Your Admin Dashboard

1. Log on to your wordpress admin panel (dashboard).

2. Locate the Plugin section, and expand it by clicking on it (if it’s not already opened).

3. Click on “Add New” add wordpress plugins.

4. Enter the name of the plugin you’re interested in installing. If you’re just searching, enter a keyword, and you’ll be presented with a big list to choose from.

5. Locate the plugin you’re interested in from the list, click on install.

The plugin will be installed and automatically activated for you. Enjoy the extra functionality it brings.

How To Install New Themes From The Admin Dashboard

This is basically the same step as the plugin.

1. Locate the “Appearance” section, and click on the “Add New Themes” link.Add a new theme from wordpress admin

2. Type in the name of the theme you want to install, or just do a general search to display list of themes.

3. Locate the theme of your heart desire, click on “install” to install, and then activate it.

4. Enjoy the new look!

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  • Hello! Mr Dave,
    You have come up with another great one. Can these plugins be used in free blogs? Keep it up dear one. God bless you.

  • Lukman, of course you can sell your blog if you wish to, you can easily do this on flippa.

    @Emmanuel, these plugins can only be used on your wordpress blog.

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