How To Get a Credit Card in Nigeria For Your Online Purchases

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credit cardsWhen I started marketing newly, my biggest hurdle back then was getting a credit card for making purchases online. I needed a way to make payments for  internet marketing ebooks and software, but couldn’t get the credit card required for those payments. Later on I was introduced to virtual visa credit cards, but the fees were just too high, and it didn’t just work for me.

Introducing Nigerian’s Own Credit Cards

Things have greatly improved over the years, getting a credit card in Nigeria has become relatively easy, and in most cases you get your card same day you apply for it.

Currently I make use of Zenith’s bank web surfer card, and Guaranty Trust’s Visa classic card. Both of them work extremely well, and you can opt for any. I was originally using the Zenith web surfer card (I still do), but I found out I needed more flexibility with my card and my money, I had to apply for the GTB’s Visa classic card. I find funding and usage of my GTB’s Visa classic card easier as this is directly added to my GTB account. Well, this isn’t a post on comparison, so I wouldn’t go further than this. Besides both of them are good and OK for online transactions.

I use both of them for shopping, registering domain names, paying for auto-responder service, paying for my web host, and so many other things.

How To Apply For a Zenith Web Surfer Card

This is relatively easy, and you get your card same day you apply for it, though you’ll need $120 as a first time applicant. $100 will be deposited into your account for your spending, while the $20 is for setting up of your card.

Before going over to one of their branches to get your card, you must first apply for it on their website, and here’s a direct link to Zenith Web Surfer Card online application.

You’ll need either your drivers’ license, National ID card or an international passport to complete the form.

Zenith Web surfer application form
Zenith Web surfer application form

As soon as you complete the form correctly with your details, click on the “Save” link. Another window will appear asking you to verify the details you supplied. if you’re sure there weren’t any mistakes, just click on “Submit This Form”. You’ll get a confirmation message with a reference number. Write the reference number down and take it with you to the Zenith bank branch you chose in your registration.

Don’t forget to go along with your $120 notes or more if you need more fund. $100 will be credited to your account, and the remaining $20 will go to the bank. Your card will become usable within 3days (it’s usually less than that) of application.

Adding Funds To Your Web Surfer Credit Card

After you must have depleted the $100 or which ever amount you first loaded during registration, and you wish to add more funds for more spending. Simply change your Naira notes into the required dollar amount (this time, you can fund with any amount. They deduct $5 anytime you fund your account), and head to any branch of Zenith bank to pay into your web surfer account. The money will be credited into your account within 24hrs for you to spend and enjoy yourself with.

How To Get a Credit Card From Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)


GTBank has good and updated information on how to apply for their cards on their website.

The cards offered by both banks are all OK in my opinion, go for any one that interests you the most.

This is all you need to know (I believe) to get a working credit card for your online business transactions. You can also opt for an international credit card, like payoneer debit mastercard which you can get for free.

If you have any question or you wish to add to my post, kindly make use of the comment box.


1. Web Surfer Application Form.

2. Check Your Web Surfer Account Balance.

3. GTB Credit Card Application Details.

4. Get a Free Payoneer Debit Mastercard.

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  • how will i get a payoneer card that doesnt take much longer. i mean which of the affiliates like plimus and the rest of them which one can process the card and ship it to me in a very short time. thanks.

  • Payoneer issues all the card directly, not the affiliate networks. They send this through snail mail (very sluggish).

    So whichever affiliate network you’re applying through, you’ll get the same slow delivery.

    Just apply and pretend as if nothing happened, you’ll get your card one day (45-90days).

    You can apply for a free Payoneer debit Mastercard following the instructions here:

  • I am at my wit end David. I registered and confirmed my 2checkout account. But just after ordering for my mastercard using my int’ passport i was told while it was being processed that they need a/my government photo ID. Help i dont like waist time.

  • Can i use the web surfer card to buy any product on Clickbank? Or in any other place where Nigeria is not listed. if no, where can a credit card or visa card in other to buy product internationally, e.g like Clickbank.

  • Fred, I don’t think Clickbank accepts credit cards from Nigeria yet.

    You can buy from Clickbank, and other sites that don’t accept Nigerian credit cards with your paypal account or if you own a Payoneer Mastercard, you could use that as well.

    I also noticed that most of the sites that reject my Nigerian credit card always accept it when I contact their sales/support team to verify manually, maybe you could try that too.

  • You still havent replied on my former issue concerning government photo id.
    I kind of discovered that i can use my paypal unverified. Any suggestion to that.

      • I used my home address on both the 2checkout vendor account and payoneer mastercard order, but unfortunately for me when payoneer asked for the govt photo id as i said i use int’ passport. Sometimes later 2checkout informed me that my country is no accepted at the moment hence my account was closed.
        As for using paypal unverified research and see how other people use theirs. A friend even used his nigerian address and ip giving more security without limitation. I have gotten mine. Ur suggestions and comments please.

  • Sunday, I used my Nigerian address with my drivers’ license. And I was also asked to attache a scanned copy of it. That worked, and I got my card.

    As per 2checkout rejecting your application due to your nationality, I’ll suggest you just contact them, and inform them how you intend to promote their affiliate products.

    You can have an unverified paypal account, but there’ll be lots of restrictions. Some merchants don’t pay into unverified accounts, and also you may not be able to sell using an unverified paypal account.

    Paypal doesn’t accept Nigeria, the only thing I see your friend could have done is that he probably registered with an accepted country, and then later informed paypal he was moving to Nigeria, and would like to have access to his paypal from there. Paypal would then ask you to provide a unique Nigerian IP address. So with that you’re safe.

  • Hi Dave,
    i’m one of your ardent follower, but i’ve not earned a dime oneline even though i have learnt alot my self. I have a nagging problem with my paypal account which is my ip.
    I use your-freedom which is permanently on uk. Can i use it like that hoping that i will not be penalised.
    Help me to solve this problem because im lagging behind, as iwant to make progress with my oneline business.
    Best Regards

  • Hi Dave, I really thank you for your elaborate explanation on this MasterCard/Visa Card issue that has held me down for a long time now. Today I am a happy man. I am yet to open the account but I will do that immediately. When I roll, I’ll contact you for more advice.

    Thank You

  • Dear David,
    I have been using since April. I am lost as I communicated with them via phone +18663127733, and through email. I have not receive my April payment from plimus. This is June Already. I call them, they keep telling me that they need to contact accounts and that there is a Que. Please advise. Has any Nigerian received money from plimus before. Why is my own different. My money with them is over $1200. Why are they holding my money? I have been chasing them for the past 2 weeks now

    • I don’t use Plimus, and I barely know how their system work.

      But from your explanation, this isn’t the first time you’re receiving funds from them.

      If you’re selling digital products, sometime these companies hold your payment for a certain period in case of refunds, but I’m not sure if that’s the situation you are in. Keep contacting them though.

  • hello guys i would like to know who if anyone uses plimus here to receive e-payments , i sell ebooks and i do internet marketing . i would like to know how to get your funds from plimus using bank wire in nigeria my mail is [email protected]

      • sincerely, i would recommend you use 2checkout because of their low processing fee and they pay weekly or thereabout, plimus pays once a month, with higher processing fees.
        If you need to choose, 2CO should first be considered. Hope this helps.

  • Please i noticed nothing has been said about verifying paypal with payoneer credit card and also linking the card so when u make money on paypal you withdraw thru d card Oga david please explain Thank you

  • After going through your post on how to get credit card for online payment, I got Zenith bank’s web surfer card. I must say I was made to go through hell trying to make purchase for a web hosting package. The documents I was made to bring and the time delay was not fair. What other options are there for us Nigerians? I tried buying some ebooks from publishers who use clickbank to collect payments but Nigeria was not listed. How can i make the purchase? I dont want to use Paypal for fear of my money being trapped since they dont accept Nigerians. Please advise accordingly.

  • Sorry you had to go through all that. Some merchants do not process credit cards from what they term as “high risk” countries, Nigeria obviously being inclusive.

    For webhosting and domain registrations, I’ve never had any issues using my web surfer card. 007names, Netfirms, Byethost, Hostgator, etc. all accept Nigerian credit cards.

    Generally I prefer buying from websites who use 2checkout as their payment processor as they accept credit cards from Nigeria.

    Clickbank doesn’t accept Nigerian credit card. Your best bet is to use your paypal if you have one.

  • I am afraid of Paypal. I dont want them to freeze my account. I have read different reviws about them and Naija. What do you think? Please advise accordingly.

    • You can mask your IP address to make your purchase. Ensure the IP corresponds to the geographical location you registered with or you might risk the chance of getting your account shut down.

  • I am interested in your last reply: MASK YOUR IP Address.
    How can that be done. Ihave a paypal account, and each time I try to purchase, it is turned-down. Please, how can I mask my IP.

  • Hi David, I have not been able to make one purchase with my Zenith Bank Web Surfer Master Card. Almost all the Merchants Online do not accepts Debit Cards from NAIJA. Please which is the best paying options to use and make purchase online as well as make withdrawals. Thank You.

    Ushaka Udo.

    • Some merchants don’t, but most do.

      First you can’t buy on Clickbank using a Nigerian credit card, and also from sites who use paypal as their payment processor.

      There are always alternative sites who would accept your Nigerian credit card, you just have to look.

      Getresponse, 007names, Netfirms, Hostgator, etc. all accept Nigerian issued credit cards.

  • Thanks David, for your mentor ship program.

    Pls, teach me again, how to fund my paypay account.

    Pls. reviewme have refused my application, because of my office address. My house in lagos has no address where they can mail the pioneer card to, pls, and other way out??
    Your detailed explanation will heal my sleepless nite sir.



    PLS, CAN ANY ONE ABREAST ME OF I am looking to register and host a domain name, and this site happens to use libertreserve as one of their payment option.

    Pls, i need your advice and suggestion on this please.


  • I am interested in your last reply: MASK YOUR IP Address.
    How can that be done. Ihave a paypal account, and each time I try to purchase, it is turned-down. Please, how can I mask my IP.

  • I love visiting this site…big up to David the mainman here.
    plz I want to know if there is any possibility to transfer fund from zenith surfer to my payoneer card,plz Mr Dave…how possible is this?

    • Card to card transfer should work, but I’ve heard people complaining that Payoneer doesn’t allow this option anymore for Nigerians, but I’m yet to verify the authenticity of that. It’s been pretty long last I used Payoneer.
      My GTB Visa card is serving me extremely well.

      Go ahead and try it, and let me know how it goes:

      Thanks for visiting my site, I appreciate it.

  • pls david. U know we folks are looking for ways to ern money online. Me i refer survey. Pls and pls plus abeg! If u know of any legit survey site post some for me. And pls dont see it as a trouble posting on how to make the most out of surveys. God bless.

  • well then send me some list of high paying affiliate you would recommend except clickbank. You can drop it here for others to benefit from. and one more thing, as as a student do you think i have much time for affiliate marketting. I am saying this cos setting up affiliate marketing is a boreing task if you have an easier way, for the sake of my studies drop it here. If you are going to send me a .doc or .pdf i would love that.

    • I wish there was an easier way. Boring and hard is what makes money dude.

      Basically you still have to do market/product/keyword research, build a site, and promote.

      Clickbank is pretty good for beginners, try that.

  • can i use my gtb mastercard for online transactions or must i get the internatonal credit card from GTB b4 i can buy things on mayb ebay

  • Hi Dave,
    Pls kindly advice me on how to pay for google adword on a site that I’m promoting to a global market since you said if one is using web surfer card it must be to advertise to only Nigerians,. Which credit card can I use successfully? Again, I have a paypal account but paypal has placed a limit on it, though it is still a verified paypal account. Pls I would love to know if I can fund it and use it to pay for items online like domain name, adword, clickbank products, etc? Will it work? If so how can I fund it, successfull, which card can I use to fund it and how is it done? I look forward to your urgent answer. Thanks

  • Hi Dave,
    You are the bomb,thanks for all that you have been doing for our folks in Nigeria. I just bumped into your blog on Feb 6th 2011. I have so many questions to ask but let me start with this. I opened a pay pal account with my friends contact address in Europe and i am using it here in Nigeria. Can I use payonner to withdraw from that account.

  • Hi David, Thanks for this wonderful service to Nigerians. I came in contact with your blog while searching for information on google on how to fund my Payoneer Mastercard. I’m especially grateful for the information on how to apply for Zenith Bank and GTB cards. I’ve just applied for the Zenith Bank’s Web surfer using the information you gave above.

    Thanks so much

  • Your blog is one of the few Nigerian blogs I’ve been following for quite a while and I have to say you are doing a great job; however,this is going to be my first post on your blog.Please,can one use the Zenith Websurfer Mastercard to pay for Google Adwords [on the main Google website,not just Google Nigeria]?? More also,is it true that you can’t use a card like the Graphcard Virtual Visa card on Google Adwords once you’ve depleted the funds on the first card because Google Adwords don’t accept repeated payments via different cards,particularly the Visa Gift Cards??!! Recall,the Graphcard Visa card is a Gift card and is non-reloadable; once exhausted you’ll have to order a separate one.Thank you in anticipation of your prompt response.

  • hi, i got my payoneer mastercard from i have recently activated the card but i have not loaded any amount to the card, what is the amount that payoneer charges once i load fund to this card. i am from Nepal.
    also help me with the necessary steps to start accepting payments to this card. thanks!

  • hi, i got my payoneer mastercard from i have recently activated the card but i have not loaded any amount to the card, what is the amount that payoneer charges once i load fund to this card. i am from Nepal.
    also help me with the necessary steps to start accepting payments to this card. thanks!

  • Mr Dave,good day sir Is it possible to transfer money from my Zenith web surfer card to a forex account or better still, how can I liquidate the money on my web surfer card.?

  • i want a credit card which that i will use to buy petty things on-line and also pay some little money for some services (%50 and below)
    waiting for your response.

  • >