4 Basic Tips I Used To Increase My Google Adsense Clickthrough Rate

I recently optimized one of my websites that makes money through Google adsense advertising, and I noticed my clickthrough  rate went through the roof.

If you’re getting visitors, and nobody is clicking on your fine ads, then here are the basic things I did which has really helped my clickthrough rate over these past few days.

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How to Enable WordPress Pretty URLs-Permalinks

I shouldn’t be blogging about this really, It’s just that I visited a few Nigerian blogs, and I was amazed that most of them use wordpress just out of the box, no basic customization, nothing.Their permalinks still set to the default, which has no SEO benefits whatsoever. So my guess was either they don’t know the benefits or they just don’t know how to go about enabling it.

I know of a Nigerian marketer who happens to own a blog. He posts good contents and updates regularly, but none of his blog posts show up on Google search. Though there are so many factors that could be contributing to this, like duplicate content, on and off page optimization, not setting your robots.txt properly and off course the permalinks which he didn’t turn on. Turning that on could go a long way in helping his ranking on the search engines.

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How to Install WordPress Plugins and Themes From The Admin Dashboard

I’ve discovered that so many beginners to blogging don’t know how to install themes and plugins on wordpress. So I just thought I should show you how to do this without the need of ftp (file transfer protocol). This can easily be done through your wordpress admin dashboard.

WordPress has made searching and installing themes and plugins very simple, by incorporating it into your admin dashboard.

I’ve been using this feature for quite some time now. I don’t know if you are, but this is basically for complete beginners to wordpress blogging.

So instead of downloading and uploading through an ftp, which is very stressful by the way (I’m pretty lazy), you could just do all that from your dashboard by following the simple steps listed below.

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Top 7 Google Adsense WordPress Plugins

I was searching for a means to easily add some Google ads on my other blogs, and I came up with these lists. So far, they’ve been performing very well. The thing I like about them is that they give me absolute control over my ads, where and how I want them.

So Here’s The Top Seven Google Adsense Plugin You Should Consider Adding to Your WordPress Blog:

1. Adsense Now!

This is by far the simplest way to add Google ads on your blog. It’s very simple to use, it automatically puts ad code into your post and pages.

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How To Receive Your Google Adsense Verification Pin in Nigeria

Here’s a quick and simple guide on how I was able to get my Google adsense verification PIN here in Lagos, Nigeria. I know of some Nigerian publishers who have lost hundreds of dollars of their Google Adsense earnings simply because they either did not receive their Google adsense PIN (personal identification number) or it came too late or probably just got lost on the way.

When your new Google adsense account has generated up to $10 or thereabout, Google will require you to verify your account. They’ll notify you of this when you log on to your account.

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How To Get a Credit Card in Nigeria For Your Online Purchases

credit cardsWhen I started marketing newly, my biggest hurdle back then was getting a credit card for making purchases online. I needed a way to make payments for¬† internet marketing ebooks and software, but couldn’t get the credit card required for those payments. Later on I was introduced to virtual visa credit cards, but the fees were just too high, and it didn’t just work for me.

Introducing Nigerian’s Own Credit Cards

Things have greatly improved over the years, getting a credit card in Nigeria has become relatively easy, and in most cases you get your card same day you apply for it.

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How To Receive Your Affiliate Cheques/Checks In Nigeria

I get asked a lot from Nigerians who are just starting out affiliate marketing. How do I receive my affiliate cheques here in Nigeria? We all know Nigeria has a bad reputation when it comes to online business, and so many of these companies try to avoid us as much as possible.

While there are many ways to receive your affiliate cheques here in Nigeria, there’s one method (Graphcard) which I’ve had success with, and have proven to be very easy and cheap for beginning affiliates in Nigeria.

Besides helping you to receive and clear your cheques, they also give you a personalized US address with which you can use for your registrations with the various affiliate networks you work with.

Graphcard offers you a personalized virtual US address not just for affiliate marketers, but also for individuals who want to buy and ship items from the US.

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